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Company Profile

Pakistan Refinery Limited was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company in May 1960 and is quoted on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The Refinery is situated on the coastal belt of Karachi, Pakistan. PRL is a hydro skimming refinery designed to process various imported and local crude oil to meet the strategic and domestic fuel requirements of the country. The Refinery has a capacity of processing 47,000 barrels per day of crude oil into a variety of distilled petroleum products such as Furnace Oil, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene oil, Jet fuel and Motor gasoline etc.

The Refinery is operating at two locations. Main processing facility is located at Korangi Creek with supporting crude berthing and storage facility at Keamari. Initially, the design capacity of the Refinery was to process 1 million tons of crude oil annually, which was subsequently expanded to 2.1 million tons per annum.

Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL)since inception has been the principal manufacturer and supplier of petroleum products to the domestic market and Pakistan defense forces. It continues to serve the energy needs of the country with professional excellence and high degree of commitment. PRL takes pride in the edge it enjoys over its competitors in respect of efficiency, lower operating cost, high quality human resources, reliability and introduction of newer generation technologies.

The operations of the Company are managed by the Refinery Leadership Team which is led by the Managing Director of the Company and is responsible for ensuring that the policies and strategies as approved by the Board are implemented whilst maintaining a culture of openness, integrity, accountability and commitment to the Company’s principles.

Last Updated : 13th Feb 2017